Genetical Genomics for strawberry fruit quality and plant tolerance to fungal pathogens.

The main objective of this project is to validate an eQTL approach in order to identify candidate genes that will be used for improving nutritional and health qualities of strawberry plant nd fruits in breeding programmes. By involving public scientists and breeders, it will contribute to reduce the gap existing between the studies on genes and their function and the breeding programmes.


The main aim of this project is to have better knowledge on genetic control of healthy nutritional traits for optimizing breeding programmes and for producing fruits rich in health compounds for consumers. To address this goal, eQTLs of genes involved in fruit quality and QTLs for content of healthy phytochemicals in fruits will be detected using data generated by transcriptomics and metabolomics.

These data will be obtained from two segregating populations of strawberry from different genetic backgrounds. Results will be integrated into the conventional breeding methods as marker-assisted selection (MAS).

For this purpose, eQTLs will be converted into molecular markers by associating them with QTLs relat ed to content of healthy phytochemicals in fruits. This part of the project will allow interaction between scientists and breeders that will lead to reduce the gap between these two communities.


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